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One spirit medicine opens the doors to the invisible matrix of wisdom where everything is intertwined, where every thought we have impacts every cell in our body and every molecule in the cosmos. Knock and it is opened unto you. THE ACACIA plant contains the most amount of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) known to man. The same chemical found within the pineal gland; the seat of the soul or third eye. This sacred plant has been used for ages by sages and shamans alike to breakthrough into the spiritual realms and higher frequencies of the self. THE ACACIA represents the immortal part of us which can never die. Grab THE ACACIA T-shirt NOW!!


Available in sizes S-5X 


Pre-order and save $5. Regular price is $25 each. 


*THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM (Will be available in 4-6 weeks)

3X-5X Sizes will ONLY be available for pre-order. Once the pre-order window closes, these sizes will not be available. Don't miss out on your size. 


Black THE ACACIA T-Shirt (S-5XL)

Quality pre-shrunk Gildan T-Shirt


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