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Since time immemorial, Freemasonry has been an organized system of truth and morality. With Truth comes virtue and so morality reminds us of our mortality. The Freemason understands the deeper workings of himself and thus; the darkness from whence he came. To seek Light- the task of becoming one out of nothing. This is the science of Freemasonry; the black art. It is the veiled structure of transformation. Through this alchemical process; the Freemason is born anew. It is the rebirth of Light consciousness by overcoming darkness. Because Light cannot exist without darkness, the Freemason must learn to master the dark in order to be the Light. Without this unseen transmutation, the Mason cannot be truly free. He is forever bound by the darkness which is his own ignorance. Fear not, death. It is only a new beginning. Master the Dark. Wear the Light, get your MASONIC SKULL CLUB challenge coin now! 


These 2.5" antique silver and black enameled coins will feature a double sided design with the club motto. 





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